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Track Days

Future Events

Sepang will re-open in April, current dates are 14th and 28th, we will re-confirm this after the F1 circus leaves town. July 27th could see us having the first ever night time session at Sepang between 7pm and 9pm. It sounds interesting to say the least; blasting around Sepang in the dark with headlights blazing, if it actually goes ahead you won't want to miss it so watch this space.

Pasir Gudang is closed for repairs and they don't know exactly when it will be available again, we expect 2-4 weeks. We have requested an afternoon booking for Saturday 6th April to run our second basic tuition session, we will mail out info as and when we get it.

See complete calendar of events.

Past Events

SBR tries to arrange photographers to attend our track days. On this website we keep a photo album and diary of some of our more memorable (and infamous) track days and social events. Photos are generally up on the website within a few days of each track day and can be purchased for a discount price through SBR.

Browse our album to share some of our fun!

What to Expect

For Sepang or Shah Alam, we normally ride up to KL on Saturday afternoon, departure varies depending on work commitments. A group usually leaves around 2pm and a few others travel alone, the last group leaves around 7pm. A few brave souls ride up on Sunday morning but I recommend against this, the track demands your full attention and that's not likely to happen after riding 350km's on the highway. Worse still is the 3-4 hour ride home and the resulting pain on Monday morning.

Our normal venues for the night are the Pan Pacific at KLIA at Sepang and the Concorde at Shah Alam. Both offer excellent rates for members booking using their membership number, twin with breakfast at the PP KLIA is RM240 ++ and the Concorde at Shah Alam is RM140 ++. For those on a tighter budget the Concorde at KLIA is RM100 ++ which is excellent value for money.

We depart from the hotel at around 8.15am Sunday so we can get to the track in plenty of time for a 9am start. The session usually lasts until 12.30pm but can go on longer depending on other bookings. Most of us leave the track between 12pm and 1pm heading back to the hotel for a much-needed shower and lunch before the ride back to Singapore.

For Pasir Gudang, we normally ride up in the morning as it is much closer. This is great as it keeps the cost down and allows us to get back in time for other duties.

We meet at the first Esso station after the Tuas crossing (Second link) into Malaysia at around 8am. The second link can be reached directly either from the ECP or the PIE. The petrol station is on the left after Malaysian customs, from there it's a half-hour ride to Pasir Gudang. Departure from Pasir Gudang is usually between 11.30am and 12.30pm allowing us to be back in Singapore for lunch.


We will mail out departure times and meeting places closer to the events. You will need your passport, a Singapore cash card, Malaysian currency and an immigration form for Malaysia. Don't assume that a credit card will do when riding in Malaysia, you must have some cash with you. You need RM 1 each way for tolls and expect RM30-50 in petty expenses each way for a KL trip. Immigration cards can be filled out at the border but it's easier to get some in advance and fill them out before you leave.





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