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See what our instructors get up to you when following you round the track!

April 28th and 29th at Sepang and Shah Alam

Photos of April 13th and 14th from Shah Alam and Sepang

Who are SBR?


SBR are a group of sport bike owners who sit on the couch and dream of being Valentino Rossi!

But instead of just sitting there, we get off our butts and ride our bikes where and how they were designed to be ridden. Now, we are not claiming to be the next Mick Doohan but we do have a lot of fun at trying and you can too.

It doesn't matter if you don't ride the latest Super Bike from Italy or Japan, all you need is a bike, some decent protective gear and a bit of common sense. Even protective gear need not be a problem as we have a few sets of leathers that can be made available to members, free of charge and subject to availability.

Our objective is to give SBR Members the opportunity to use their bikes in the way that they were intended to be used; in a safe, controlled and friendly environment.

If this sounds good to you then why not join us.









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