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Track Safety

1. Flags

Green: Track OK, Racing condition

Red: Stop racing immediately, slow down and head back to the pits

Checkered: End of race/track session

Yellow: Caution, crash ahead, next corner or following corner

Yellow with Red Lines: Oil flag, oil on track, be careful!

Black: Only on race day. Pointed at you with your number means you have to return to pits.

Blue: For race - Faster rider going to overtake you!

2. Pit Exit

When moving out to the circuit keep to the right (Sepang, Pasir Gudang, Shah Alam) until you have gain enough speed. Look out for fast bikes coming through. Do not stop or make sudden change of direction.

3.Pit Entrance

Use your signal (right signal) or raise your hand or put out your foot. All 3 circuits have pit entrances on the right so keep right when you intent to go back to pits and SLOW DOWN.

4. Compulsory Briefing

First timers must attend a compulsory briefing before going out to the circuit (SBR members). Briefing will cover track layout and some racing line tips.

5. Bike Preparation

Please ensure that your bike is in top condition, as you will be going a lot faster, braking harder and turning quicker than you've ever done on the road.

Very Important Checks:

1. Tyres at least 50% left.
A normal tyre will do about 3 track days (Approximately 2 hours per session) and it will start to loose grip so don't push it if your tyres are in that condition.
2. Tyre pressures are lower for track use. 30PSI front and rear is OK but different bikes/tyres will work with different pressures. Please ask if you are not sure (ask Joe)
3. Brakes
4. Chain and sprocket- not too tight!
5. Suspension- make sure you have at least some rebound damping! Long story here, please check with me.
6. Oil plugs- oil leaks- no go if oil is leaking, even slightly.
7. Please have a clean bike so we can spot any problems like oil leaking!

6. Protective gear

1. Leathers, one or two piece suit must be worn on track days. Gore-Tex with armor would be acceptable but leather offers better protection.
2. Good quality leather motorcycle gloves must be worn and be in good condition.
3. Leather boots preferably motorcycle specific must be worn.
4. A full-face helmet that is in good condition is essential.
5. A back protector is advisable but not mandatory.

We have a small number of one-piece suits available for members to borrow and one pair of large gloves. These can be loaned out to members free of charge twice a year per member. A deposit of $200 is required for the suits and $50 for the gloves. Please e-mail us for more information.





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